Holiday Lighting

Holiday Lighting -

Circuit Breakers Tripping?

Have your circuit breakers ever tripped when your holiday lighting is on? If so, this may be a sign that you have overloaded the circuit?

A solution to this problem is to add additional circuitry. Adding outlets in the eaves of the home can minimize the overloading of circuit breakers and make installations neat and quick, no more extension cords.

Another way to remedy tripping breakers is switching from incandescent to LED lighting.  If you are using incandescent, be sure to only plug in a max of 3 strings together.  More than 3 could be hazardous.

Holiday lighting is often installed in areas that are exposed to the weather and should be properly plugged into GFCI circuits.  All 15 & 20 Amp 120 Volt receptacles located outdoors must be GFCI protected by an outlet or breaker.  Exterior receptacles that are in wet locations must have a weatherproof cover on it to protect the outlet when a cord is plugged into it.

Timers or time clocks can be used to control the outlets being used for your lighting to save you money and make life easier.

Whether your Holiday lighting is very simple or intricate and dancing to music, you should install all lighting according to the current national electrical codes.

Contact Benchmark Electrical Services today if you are currently having problems or have had previous issues with your holiday lighting. Although we do not install holiday lighting, we can ensure that the electrical requirements are met to make your home safe and beautifully lit up!

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